Best Industrial / Office warehouse space - Kingwood TX 

Kingwood Spaces offers commercial properties that combine both office and warehouse spaces within a single building or complex.  This type of space is commonly used by businesses that require both administrative and storage/logistics functions. We have a large variety of spaces with multiple configurations that may include offices, meeting rooms, receptions areas, kitchenettes, restrooms and warehouses.


The office portion typically includes areas for administrative work, such as offices, meeting rooms, reception areas, and sometimes amenities like kitchens and bathrooms. This space is used for tasks like customer service, sales, accounting, and other administrative functions.


The warehouse portion is dedicated to storage and distribution activities. It typically includes open floor space for storing inventory, shelving or racking systems for organization, loading docks for receiving and shipping goods, and sometimes specialized areas for packaging or assembly.


Businesses that commonly utilize office warehouse space include wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, e-commerce companies, and any other business that deals with physical goods and requires both office and storage facilities. The combination of office and warehouse space in a single location offers convenience and efficiency for businesses that need to manage both administrative and logistical operations.

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