Outside boat & rv storage near Kingwood TX

We offer spaces to store boats, RVs, vehicles and trailers in outdoor areas. These spaces vary in size, configuration and purpose with designated areas for different types of items.


Northpark Outside storage storing goods, materials, equipment, or vehicles in outdoor areas rather than within a building or enclosed space. This type of storage is commonly utilized when indoor space is limited, or when the items being stored do not require protection from the elements.


Outside storage areas can vary widely in size, configuration, and purpose. They may be as simple as a fenced-in yard or parking lot, or they may be more organized with designated areas for different types of items.


Common uses for outside storage include:

Vehicle storage: Parking lots or outdoor areas may be used to store vehicles such as cars, trucks, trailers, boats, or recreational vehicles.

When utilizing outside storage, it's important to consider security measures such as fencing, lighting, and surveillance to protect stored items from theft or vandalism. Additionally, weather protection measures such as tarps or covered storage areas may be necessary for items that are sensitive to the elements. Finally, local zoning regulations and permits may be required for outdoor storage depending on the location and intended use.

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